Soranowoto - Season 1 - Episode 10 - Review: "The First Snow"

In a way, my expectations for this series have dimmed a bit as time has gone on and I wonder if I had them set a little too high based off of that first episode. There seemed to be a world of possibilities for it but the direction it went wasn't a bad one but rather one where the focus is on the smaller stories of the characters with an occasional nod towards the way the world is at large. We do see a lot of the town of Treize and the fortress with its importance to the citizens, but how it all fits into the world at large is only given a few cursory nods here and there, though they do mix in some intriguing potential from the past.

While talks of the peace talks continues to be a subject that comes up often in the last few episodes, Kanata is more interested in Princess Iliya now that she's gotten a glimmer of who she was and her importance. These ideas around the edges are tantalizing and intriguing but they're just trappings to the main events themselves unfortunately. The focus at the moment continues to be on Rio who is struggling with the things contained in the letter she's received, which has caused some of her recent poor performances as we saw build up in the previous episode with Filicia covering for her. Kanata is still trying to get her back on track though and she ends up asking her for help with an elderly woman who has been kind to her that's gone missing up in the mountains. This brings the three of them together and becomes something of a soothing series of moments for Rio as she struggles with her own past.

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