Hanamaru Kindergarten - Season 1 - Episode 7 - Review: ''A Hanamaru Summer Vacation"

Fans of Satsuki will be most pleased by this episode overall as she returns to the show and brings her younger sister vibe out for all the enjoy. Hanamaru Kindergarten rolls right along in this episode as summer has arrived and that means it's time for trips and festivals as well as a mild bit of cute recap. The show has certainly held onto its charms for me from the beginning and the characters are all quite comfortable now, though they manage to stretch things a bit here and there as the fanservice perks up a few times. A nice bonus for this episode is that Sakura makes another wonderful impression as she helps move the story along.

The show covers a couple of different areas to very cute effect. With the summer vacation here, Tsuchida's heading home to see his family and discovers that Sakura is heading there as well to revisit the old places. That means Anzu's coming along and Sakura is one of those good mom's that includes other kids so she gets permission to bring along Hiiragi and Koume. What makes it even more fun is that Sakura manages to convince Yamamoto to come along and Anzu is all over that to make it happen. Tsuchida's a bit panicked over it but the idea of a trip with Yamamoto is just what he's looking for. Anzu and the others make it fun but there's a whole lot of awkwardness at the homestead when Satsuki sees everyone and realizes she has to share her brother again. But there's also some fun as Tsuchida's mother thinks that Yamamoto is perfect for him and that leads to some awkward moments. It's a cute home story that spreads over the two parts and we even get Anzu and the kids recapping the story (in dialogue only) from their point of view with some of the things Tsuchida has done, including looking at girly magazines.

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