Legend Of the Legendary Heroes - Season 1 - Episode 9 - Review: "Rule Fragment"

Ryner and Ferris find themselves, after a bit of silly and pointless back and forth with Iris, heading back to Nelpha Forest to investigate things that have happene recently. What they come across is strange in that there's a burned out husk of a section of forest with numerous bodies hanging from the trees with no blood coming from them. And in the midst of that there are two people, Sui and Kuu, who are also searching for hero relics, which Ferris has no issue in questioning them about and which naturally leads to fighting.

As much as Ryner and Ferris spar with each other, verbally and physically with how she beats up on him, the two are finding a good working relationship when it comes to fights. And with sui and Kuu, they definitely need one as Ferris even indicates that if it wasn't for some quick thinking by Ryner, she would have ended up dead. The first half of the episode that deals with the fight gives us a nice setup as the opponents showcase their potential nicely, but it's the second half where it gets elevated and we see them up the ante a bit with their powers and general approach since they have relics in their possession and aren't afraid to use them.

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