Occult Academy - Season 1 - Episode 8 - Review: "Mamma AMI~ya!"

The seriousness in which Maya is taking the future that Abe has shown her has an unintended consequence, as we see from the start how she reacts to Ami's father's prank of sorts from the previous episode. With Maya understanding what's at stake, having a distraction like this just infuriates her and she lashes out at both Ami and her father, which turns to quite the little fight with limited words and a slap to the face. It's definitely good to see Maya taking things so seriously now, but she's taking it too far with those that in the end could be her biggest asset once they figure out how it's all going to happen.

While this fight impacts them as friends as Ami won't even look at her back at school, Maya is continuing on in trying to find something, anything that will give clue to their larger problem. So when she hears about cows that were killed and seemingly drained of blood, she's on scene to investigate. But this goes beyond a possible prank due to the sheer number of animals that have been killed in the field. This excursion delays her from meeting with Ami and Kozue to try and smooth things over which only adds to the tension, at least until she does arrive and they're all attacked by little green goblins that spirit away Ami right in front of them.

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