Giant Killing - Season 1 - Episode 1 - Review: "Episode #01"

Based on the seinen manga by Masaya Tsunamoto, which is over fourteen volumes as of this writing since it began in 2007, Giant Killing is a planned twenty-six episode series from Studio DEEN that is timed perfectly with the World Cup coming up. Having played soccer as a kid, coached it to other kids as an adult and having two kids of my own go through the sport for a few years, soccer is a game that I like a lot and fits in well with other sports series that have come over here over the years. It's still a sport that I find to be immensely popular among kids today, at least in my neck of the woods, as our small town of under 20,000 has dozens of teams each and every year across each age level. So seeing a show that deals with different levels, such as the young kids at first before moving into the older ones, is really great to see.

The series introduces us to the East Tokyo United club where things are getting to be pretty tough with attendance falling below 8,000 attendees on average. When that happens, sponsors start pulling out and it's really tough for that to happen to the ETU because unlike a lot of other teams, they're not part of another organization so there isn't a parent company to lean on. The administration is struggling to figure out what's best to do now and there's a bit of infighting since the chairman and vice chairman are very different brothers, but of the staff has decided to bring back a player named Takeshi who hasn't been involved in Japan for awhile to give everything a new spark and inspire others, to shake it all up a bit in a way that's needed. The concern is both whether they can do it and whether fans have changed too much to connect with this particular coach.

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