Heroman - Season 4 - Episode 155 - Review: "Decryption" & "The First Challenge"

The interrogation and autopsy on the captured Rain Ninja and Pain's dead body begins to be studied by Shizune and the others to uncover Pain's secrets, as Naruto helps Shikamaru and Shiho on decoding Jiraiya's message. Jiraiya's has the habit of writing the symbol for "Ta" like the number 9 according to Naruto. They are able to figure out that each number, following the "Ta" katakana, references a character in Jiraiya's Make-Out Tactics book, which Kakashi is forced to read out loud.

They inform Tsunade and Fukasaku of the message, which reads "The Real One's Not Among Them", and Fukasaku offers to take Naruto back to Mt. Myoboku for training in Sage Jutsu, which Naruto accepts. He will be taken to Mt. Myoboku using the Reverse Summoning Jutsu, which was done by Gamakichi to summon Naruto. Fukasaku informs Naruto about the difference between Ninjutsu and Sage Jutsu. Ninjutsu utilizes chakra that is molded from one's mental and physical energy, but Sage Jutsu involves taking in energy from nature for use. First step is to have Naruto sense nature energy by being one with nature through dying.

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