Yozakura Quartet - Review: "Yozakura Quartet Complete Collection"

Based on the manga by Suzuhito Yasuda which is being published in the US by Del Rey Manga, Yozakura Quarter is a twelve episode series with animation production by Nomad, who is known in the US for its work on the Rozen Maiden series and Sola. Though the manga is ongoing as of this writing, the anime tells a complete story overall as it doesn't play out like a story of the week idea, though those are certainly in there. It's telling a larger story from early on but it doesn't start to gel until almost halfway through, which in turn has you going back to the earlier episodes to reexamine what may have been missed. Many shows of this nature tend to tell just a small part of the story, or come across as little more than a setup, so it was good to see a twelve episode show that focuses on telling something more cohesive.

Yozakura Quartet revolves around the city of Sakurashin which has a very unique history to it. Demons had made their way into the world over the centuries but had been persecuted and hunted. Here they found a home though where they could live together with humans under the protective barrier that is created by the Nanagou, huge trees that have no branches that ring around the city. Demons, who look like humans for the most part and especially when they aren't activating their powers, continue to flow into Sakurashin over the years as a safe haven where they have to play by the rules. Everything that you see of the city looks beautiful and serene, though it's not completely free of problems.

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