Blessing of the Campanella - Season 1 - Episode 6 - Review: "Episode 6"

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As we open, Chelsea is receiving instructions from a mysterious woman who is behind a curtain (we don't actually see her at all, and can only assume it is a woman as we hear a female voice). Chelsea is tasked with preventing a calamity from occurring within Ert'Aria. In addition to that, the voice also has another vision, one specifically for Chelsea: in Ert'Aria, she will find happiness.

It appears that it's party time for the Sacred Knights, as Duke Verritti is holding a party for them. This means that someone has to guard the sacred artifacts within the cathedral. The Oasis adventuring clan company is hired to take on the "quest" (which just seems to be a synonym for contract most of the time in this show), though not everyone is going to be on guard duty. Since Carina's father is the one holding the party, she will be there. Chelsea is, of course, one of the Sacred Knights, so she will be at the party. Agnes is booked as the entertainment, while Minette apparently has a large number of fans among the Sacred Knights, and they would like her to attend as well. So, it's basically just the guys, Leicester and Nick, who will be off on boring guard duty.

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