Tatami Galaxy - Season 1 - Episode 2 - Review: "Episode 2"

I'm still not quite sure what to make of this series after the first episode in which we were introduced to our nameless student who found himself befriended by an absolute devil of a student named Ozu. Ozu leads him into a number of bad situations that the nameless one spells out in rapid succession with a very fast paced speech style. As it progressed and we got to know the woman he was eyeing to some degree, the relationship side of the show became a bit more interesting and the episode wrapped up well. The second episode moves right along in a different direction though it retains Ozu's devilish behavior in spades.

This episode has the nameless one joining the movie circle in which he tries to participate to the best of his abilities, but he finds that the whole thing is run like a dictatorship. The senior student, an eight year named Jougasaki, treats the whole circle like his own little kingdom. He's gone so far in the past as to have all the girls go topless in order to judge who would be good for a role, though nothing requiring nudity or any kind of cleavage-ranking would be needed for it. Seeing what Jougasaki is doing and feeling for his own humiliation as well as other freshman, the nameless one proceeds to be goaded into action by Ozu to film the dastardly things that Jougasaki does and to build a movie out of it that will be shown in place of the official one the circle is working on.

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