Inu Yasha: Final Act - Season 1 - Episode 23 - Review: "Harakus: Trap Of Light"

One item this episode makes clear is what relationship the series has actually developed depth. It is not Inu Yasha and Kagome being tested by Naraku; their relationship has always been a matter of circling about Kikyo until they meet. Miroku and Sango are the ones that have grown into characters you actively care about.

Magatsuhi is dead by Sesshomaru's hands, which has two side effects. Kagome's spiritual power is unsealed, and this in turn somehow reactivates a tiny LED in the Shikon Jewel. This ray of hope is turned into two deadly traps by Naraku. First, he leads Miroku to an illusion of a final confrontation; will Miroku sacrifice his life and open the Wind Tunnel one more time?

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