Cross Game - Season 1 - Episode 4 - Review: "Secret Weapon "

Cross Game takes a nice little diversion at the start of this episode as it has Ko and Aoba foiling a burglary when they see something amiss from the train. It's a straightforward situation that you have a hard time believing kids would get involved in, but through the efforts of both they take down a knife-wielding burglar, though both of them disappear from the scene before they can be given credit for it. Senda's there though and sees everything that happens, even has his life threatened by the burglar, and ends up taking the credit for what happened, though he's still in shock about the whole thing. The moment is short overall, but it makes it clear what kind of people both Aoba and Ko are.

Life goes on though and the general flow of the series at this stage is still about building things when it comes to the team that's envisioned. Ko's continuing to do his batting practice on a regular basis, though it seems like he's doing it more to get the prize socks than anything else. Aoba's working hard at the family business where she gets to one-up Ko a bit by pointing out someone came in to practice and completely obliterated his record. He doesn't seem to care too much though and instead sympathizes with the stranger over the fact that Aoba is quite the bratty girl, something that earns him yet another slap from Aoba. Between working there and working at the café portion itself, Aoba has a kind of personality that's fun to watch at times but could be problematic in the long run. She's a good kid but there's a chip there that's difficult to deal with on a regular basis.

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