Tayutama - Review: "Tayutama: Kiss On My Deity The Complete Collection"

With its origins in the game world, both adult and clean, Tayutam is a twelve episode series that tells a complete tale of the familiar with a goddess walking the world once again. While it started as an eroge game, it ended up with a manga as well as an Xbox 360 game so there were some cleaner iterations of the franchise. The anime adaptation continues that trend as it is pretty clean and tame overall though it holds to a few standards of the visual novel world with some of its design elements. All told though, Tayutama has a whole lot of the familiar when it comes to its storyline and that keeps it from standing well on its own.

Tayutama deals with a modern day story where we're introduced to a young high school man named Yuri whose family has taken care of the local Shinto shrine for generations. Yuri's a decent guy who attends a good school nearby and has a very good friend in Ameri, a purple haired young woman who has been a friend of his since they were little kids. While she harbors some feelings for him but hasn't been able to do anything about it yet. For the time being, she spends time with him as she can which includes helping him out when he does work for the shrine which includes exorcisms and the like. The two of them have their lives change dramatically when they investigate an issue at night at a local construction project where old seals are being threatened for destruction because of progress. While progress is halted, the investigation there reveals to the two, through an accident, that it's an important seal overseen by the shrine's goddess, Kikurami who reveals herself to them.

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