"Flu Shot" (Episode 308)

Fey must be a fan of horror flicks, because "Flu Shot" turned into a zombie-horror knockoff for a good two or three minutes there. The entire crew came down with the flu, prompting Jack to have to ration off who gets flu shots from Dr. Spaceman (!) to only the show's "elite?" Sadly, that did not include Kenneth, who threw up all over his desk mere seconds after saying he never gets sick.

Liz was caught between being the hero (after refusing health care) and being "the man," after taking the flu shot because she wanted to go on her yearly vacation to the beach to eat ice cream, wear dark socks and drink cocktails off the backs of turtles. It's a familiar position for her: is she part of the group, or is she the boss, one of the "elite." Jack, of course, is a member of the elite, and has spend the length of the series convincing Liz she is too.

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