One Piece - Season 10 - Episode 464 - Review: "Descendant of the Devil! Little Oars Jr. Ru..."

The battle finally kicked off in the previous episode and we got to see both sides really starting to get into it with massive amounts of power and ability, though everything sort of hits a balance along the way with how each side fights. With little personal connection to most of these characters, I enjoyed the spectacle of it and that it's a fight that's been built up to for some time where the power is definitely out there in the open. Watching the giants moving about while the leaders such as Whitebeard watch on waiting for their time to strike is fun, but at this point I find myself really anxious for Luffy and his crew to arrive and throw it all into even more chaos.

Once the Whitebeards manage a way inside the bay itself though, though the help of their massive Giant named Oars, the battle changes heavily. While we saw the focus initially on the mega powered individuals, this event changes it to a more personal things as the ground troops make their way in and it's a fight between the elite Navy men and the skilled pirate group. Everything turns red and bloody as they go at it and it feels much more oppressive, though less so at times since they keep shifting the night time feel into daylight. They return once again on the weaker soldiers in the battle, which turns out is actually Coby from way back in the beginning of the series but with a somewhat different design, and you can see this fight being a battle in which he'll likely become a true man if he can step up to the plate.

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