MEDIUM ''Bring Your Daughter To Work Day'' Review Season 7, Episode 1

MEDIUM's seventh season opened with Bring Your Daughter To Work Day. Whilst watching 2001: A Space Odyssey together, Bridget and Allison fall asleep and wake up in each other's bodies. Kubrick tends to have that effect.

When Bridget befriends Cameron on her first day of middle school he introduces her to his obsession with movies, particularly old sci-fi flicks and Kubrick films.

Meanwhile Allison must contest with dreams about Bridgett starting on a life of crime. She meets a man who shows her videos online of his father, a homeless veteran with an alcohol problem, performing various ghastly deeds for money-including ripping out his own tooth with pliers and eating what I think were dog excrements, though I could be wrong. The man is hoping the the DA's office will be able to help his father, but unfortunately they are powerless to assist.

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