Kimi Ni Todoke - Season 1 - Episode 8 - Review: ''Voluntary Training"

This is a start to something bad, I just know it, but for now, it's a nice pleasant episode. It starts with Sawako having weird rumours that if you get her to smile, good fortune will come to you. This is has been totally different than before considering everything involving Sawako was bad luck. At the same time, Ayane and Chizuru comment that she's now friends with Endo and Hirano. They then talk about how they should call by their names so Endo is Tomo and Hirano is Ekko. Ayane and Chizuru also comment that this also applies to Sawako, to call the girls by their first name, since they are friends now. As Ayane likes to be the dominant one (as Chizuru states, she is a sadist) she tells Sawako to call Kazehaya without formalities. She enjoys the worrisome Sawako and as soon as Kazehaya sits down, she calls Kazehaya "Kazehaya" still not being able to get away from the formalities. Ayane meant calling Shouta but she's still a ways away from that. Later, Pin makes Kazehaya the sports day class representative since he's in the sports club (I think that's what he says).

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