Chu-Bra! - Season 1 - Episode 8 - Review: ''An Underwear Overnighter"

Poor Komachi is about all that really needs to be said about this episode.

Chu-Bra moves into one of the expected areas for a school based comedy show in that it's time for a 'club' overnight trip. The trips are usually pretty fun as they're supposed to deal with organizing club activities for the rest of the school year and serving as an additional bonding event for the participants. One is organized for the Underwear Appreciation Society with Keigo and Mizuno serving as the guardians for and off to a seaside inn they go to do just that. Of course, such things are going to be relegated to the ride home so most of the show is all about the fun and fanservice. And they do significantly bump up the fanservice here, including a brief scene of a naked Nayu practically groping a naked Haruka who is on her back because Nayu's trying to get her to spread her legs. Soapy adventures indeed.

Mizuno gets picked on a fair bit in this episode, first for the t-shirt bra she wears on the trip which is functional but unattractive, especially in comparison to the strapless item that Kiyono is wearing since she's so mature and aware of everything in that condescending way that cuts right through Mizuno. Mizuno's hoping to catch Keigo's eye a little bit this time around after the dream she had about him, but she spends more of her time panicking than anything else. When everyone pulls out their swimsuits and Mizuno actually has her old school swimsuit '" complete with named stitched on it '" that leads to a big fanservice moment as the girls take her shopping. Stringy strappy items are the choice du jour, though she does settle on something that works really well for her and is punched up a bit by Nayu for style.

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