30 Rock Review: "Reunion" (Episode 305)

Guest-star free, the "Reunion" episode saw Liz Lemon get called out for her often hurtful humor once again. Invited to a high-school reunion, Liz initially shrugs it off because she was a tortured nerd in high school, bullied by catty prom queens like Kelsey Winthrop (Robyn Lively, sister of Blake).

But, after attending the reunion (with Jack, whose trip to Miami to "get some ass and enjoy the city's burgeoning art scene" was derailed after bad weather), Liz's memory proved to be spotty. She wanted to prove herself as the ugly duckling that's blossomed into the "vaguely ethnic swan," but she's horrified to learn she was the bully, having spouted hurtful comments about pill addictions and poop-colored birthmarks to her classmates. Even her effeminate friend Rob, "the first gay guy" she ever kissed (who has since married a woman and raised three lovely...dogs), resents her.

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