Heroman - Season 1 - Episode 2 - Review: "Encounter"

Joey starts to understand with how Heroman responds to his controller, wondering if he is able to handle such power himself. Seeing Heroman's power before his own eyes, Joey wasn't able to hide his happiness or bewilderment.

Indeed, despite his saving Lina from her car accident, he seems positively scared to distraction by the power which has dropped into his lap. He worries about what he should do with this power and what Heroman really is. He asks Psy for advice on the matter, who says it is his decision on how he uses it.

Meanwhile, the mysterious life forms called "The Skrugg" have begun their Earth invasion. They land in Center City and start attacking, searching for the source of the signal that was broadcasted. When Joey hears of it, he runs to tell Prof. Denton who was broadcasting to them of the imminent danger.

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