Uraboku - Season 1 - Episode 21 - Review: "The Indelible Image"

With Cadenza on the attack in the last episode, it provided for a decent fight where he started to cut loose a little while looking positively evil and powerful. The look of Cadenza is what I expect out of a series like this and they backed it up nicely with some power. Where it went awry was when Reiga appeared in the midst of battle, essentially protecting Yuki and his two new guardians along the way. This opens up a bit of interesting information for them in that their opponents are not entirely united, as Cadenza reveals that Reiga cannot protect Yuki, or God's Light, forever, and that he must be dealt with as well. A throwaway line from Cadenza, but important to everyone who wants to understand what's going on and how they can take advantage of it.

Much of the first half is devoted to the two of them going against each other with Reiga often having the advantage in power. But as Cadenza notes, Reiga's fighting to protect Yuki rather than fighting to eliminate Cadenza and Cadenza's purpose is to overthrow his master and he intends to do so, with style and a real sense of malevolence to it. The two of them up their attacks and powers pretty nicely, leading to some solid theatrics as it goes and it's definitely one of the best animated and visually designed fights of the series. And it takes on an even more interesting tone when Luka arrives on the scene and gets between both of them, since he knows seeing Reiga die would sadden Yuki.

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