Heroman - Season 1 - Episode 52 - Review: "Combined Powers"

Al takes full advantage of the power from the philosopher stone he acquired. Just take it from Al as he regenerates his armor on-the-fly while duking it out with Pride and Kimblee. Their fight was pretty fast-paced and very impressive on Al's part, due to his quick thinking to deceive Pride with a flashbang decoy. Due to Al's crafty thinking of acting as bait, Marcoh was able to distract everyone with the philosopher stone, allowing Heinkel to crush Kimblee's throat. Al was able to devise a plan like that so quickly and avoid detection from Pride's sense of smell he got from Gluttony. Not only that, there was a surprise hit-and-run save from Yoki of all people, just so that he can share in the heroic spotlight.

Back in Central, Mustang and his team have disguised there vehicle for the moment to lay low and devise a way to get in the headquarters. As for the Armstrong siblings versus Sloth fight, I would've never suspected the big bulky homunculus to be the fastest of the bunch. Luckily for Olivier and Alex, he can't seem to use his speed in moderation. Still, Olivier slips and Alex had to bail her out again, making that two times he's saved her life during this fight. Humorously enough, all Alex got for his troubles was an argument over how Olivier decided to give Mustang the Armstrong estate if she died. Before they can relax, more of the homunculus zombies show up and Sloth begins to regenerate from his injuries.

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