Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Movie 3: Love is the Pulse of the Stars DVD Review

After the chaotic second volume of the trilogy which dealt with the romantic side of the series a bit amidst all the action, the third installment deals with the end results of a lot of it and a whole lot of destruction. Similar to the previous movie, the majority of this feature is new animation with about a quarter of it being original material from the TV series. This aspect of it is still rather jarring at times, but there are also some amusing moments where you aren't show about the transition between the two as some of the older material really looks pretty good at times. With this feature taking a good chunk of material from the end run of the TV series, it's a very different beast than the first two features and it's one that you're going into for just the payoff.

The significant change in the previous movie was the approach made by the AEUG towards the remnants of Zeon that are living on the fringes. The Axis group is something that Char is intimately familiar with and his return to the Zeon roots is problematic at best since there are issues there with those that knew him from before and how he seems to have deserted them in a sense. Seeing these remnants, who are under the command of a young girl that Char used to play with, feel as though they have been lost to time in a way. With the way the war has gone in the present, the uniforms and the feel of it all almost feels dusty and out of place. Yet under the guidance of Haman Karn, who has taken on the role of leading everyone in the child's name since she can do only so many, they are attempting to make a play for relevancy here. With both the Titans, via Scirocco, and the AEUG via Char trying to gain either their assistance of neutrality, Karn sees both of them as a means to an end to regaining a Side and rebuilding Zeon in some new form.

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