Blessing of the Campanella Episodes #05 Review

Before the opening, we see a young girl playing with cats. Nothing special there. Then a boy comes out and the girl goes to him, with a cane to help her. What this has to do with anyone we've actually seen before, your guess is as good as mine.

After the opening, we have the usual silliness around the kitchen table as the members of the Oasis Adventuring Clan sit down for breakfast. Their usual easy breakfast is interrupted slightly by the appearance of Garnet, you might remember her, the dragon they met back at the beginning of the show. She only appears as a floating image, but she's shown up now, as, well, she's bored. Wondering what quest she might help out with today, it appears that there is nothing for her to help out with: there are no quests scheduled for that day, so all of the members of Oasis are off doing their day jobs. This leaves Minette bored as well, so Leicester asks Minette to keep Garnet company. Nina thinks up of a way to make Minette happy: she asks her to perform a "quest" for her, to go out shopping to get the ingredients needed for tonight's dinner, which is curry.

So, off Minette goes shopping, with Garnet along for the trip. While this is normally a really simple task, we are talking about Minette here, who seems to have the knowledge and experience of a 5-year-old (even if she looks twice that age). Nina is not without some sense of that, as she asks the Tortilla Sisters to follow Minette stealthily and watch over her. So, we get to watch Minette be cute and walk around town, getting slightly lost, but being conveniently helped along the way by others.

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