Hetalia: Axis Powers - Season 1 - Episode 13/16 - Review: "Episode 13/16"

With the way the war is going, it's little surprise that UK is getting a bit frustrated to say the least with how things are going. Being continually beat down by Germany, with Italy being as useless as he is, is rather embarrassing. What's worse is that he's now planning to get his revenge by going to the black arts of magic with the family history in order to deal with Germany, which involves essentially summoning Russia into play. With the history between Russia and Germany and Japan, it's an obvious ploy. Sadly, USA keeps showing up and disturbing things and UK even asks if he's got a grudge against him. Gee, I wonder...

Hetalia has played with the stereotypes from the get go and they ramp it up a bit in this batch when they have Germany head off to the supermarket when they do a "simulator" gag. Having him shop and pick up some sausages only to find the line filled with lazy Spaniards, lazier Greeks and then having to deal with Italians that either cut in line or talk loudly just pushes him to the edge. Add in an even more frustrated Austrian and you're pretty much waiting for everything to explode. It doesn't get that far and it ends a bit prematurely, but watching Germany's frustration has long been a fun part of the show. As was seeing him sling Italy over his shoulders and having to deal with Italy then patting his soft buttocks.

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