Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Season 1 - Episode 47 - Review: "Messenger of Darkness"

With a lot of potential brought up in the last episode with the way the show should be going and the kind of intensity it will have, I'm not surprised that we get a mild shift in direction with this one. The last episode focused on some big idea aspects with how the Promised Day will play out and the scale of events involved with the armies and homunculi as well as Father. Here we narrow things down to just a few characters and follow their story for a bit as another key moment is finally achieved to much satisfaction.

The meeting of Ed and his father after all this time is an important piece, especially now that he's working with Greeling and the chimera to deal with what Bradley and the other homunculi have in store. Ed's got an obvious and believable chip on his shoulder with him that when the two are together he's pretty antagonistic towards him, even though his father tries to be plain with him at this point. Much was changed within his father after he spent time with Al and he's now trying to repair that bridge. What allows it to happen, in quite a good fashion, is when Ed passes on his mother's last words to him and Ed gets to see some real, honest and true emotion from him. Ed's turned him into something in his mind, a monster, that can't feel, so seeing him this way alters his perceptions pretty significantly though it'll take time for him to process it.

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