Kimi Ni Todoke - Season 1 - Episode 7 - Review: ''Saturday Night"

After the past dramatic episodes, this was nice happy episode. It's like any other Saturday night at the Kuronuma residence. Sawako is making curry for dinner and all is well. All of a sudden the phone rings and her mom picks up. She is shocked, a friend is calling for Sawako. Sawako picks up the phone and it's Ayane and Chizuru asking her eat ramen with her since the last time was a failure. Sawako's parents send her off in a hurry. When they get to the ramen restaurant, Sawako thinks she's seeing things when she thinks she sees Ryu switching the water jug for them. She's not seeing things, it's actually Ryu's dad's place. After they're done, they go up to Ryu's place to hang out. Ayane gets a phone call from her boyfriend in college. It's a totally different world for Sawako. After Ryu comes up and when him and Chizuru are arguing, Sawako asks if they are dating. Ryu gives her a smile but Chizuru denies it completely. I guess if everyone's read the book or even just from this episode, we all know that Ryu actually likes Chizuru but she has no idea. They start looking at pictures from their (Ryu, Kazehaya, Chizuru) middle school days. Sawako is excited to see Kazehaya before she met him. They make a comment about how Ryu hasn't changed since forever. Then they notice Kurumi, and Chizuru asks if she is Ryu's type. He says it isn't, then asks about Sawako. He tells them she's normal. Then Sawako comments how she likes him, but of course as a friend, since she says she loves Ayane and Chizuru after. Then they ask what she thinks of Kazehaya. She gets all embarrassed and says she loves him, but again she probably doesn't understand fully what she's saying. Then they decide to invite Kazehaya over since everyone is there already.

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