Dragon Ball Kai - Season 1 - Episode 52 - Review: "Two Remain on a Vanishing Planet! This is the..."

So I’m aware that I haven’t reviewed the last few episodes. As much as I love this series, they draw out fights for so long (I guess that is the appeal of this show too, if you look at it another way), here’s the gist of the story so far. After Goku becomes Super Saiyan, everyone’s wondering what to do. Kami from Earth is getting Mr. Popo to get all the Dragon Balls. They’re trying to get everyone revived again. However, King Kai comes up with a brilliant idea to revive all those killed by Frieza and his clan, removing all the villains. He believes that because Guru met with Frieza, it affected how soon he died. Dr. Popo gets all the Dragon Balls, has the wish granted and Guru does come back to life. Because of this, Porunga is up and running again. Guru gets Dende to grant the last wish, to get everyone out of Planet Namek and to Earth, excluding Frieza. Goku interrupts and tells them he wants to stay as well. So after a bit of talking and arguing, it’s decided that Goku is staying as well. As Dende is heading Porunga, Frieza notices it too. He dashes to it and tries to get his wish granted but fortunately for everyone else, Porunga only understands Namekian language so Dende’s wish goes through. Now Goku and Frieza are alone on the planet so they can go at it at full force. While they’re fighting, Goku realizes that since Frieza has been fighting at 100%, his body can’t take it therefore his power is going down. Goku doesn’t want to fight Frieza but Frieza is persistent. In fact, he’s so persistent, he uses energy discs to get but eventually he gets sliced by them. And to find out what happens, we wait another week.



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