Occult Academy - Season 1 - Episode 10 - Review: "AKARI of fireplace"

The previous episode played well with the occult aspect in giving us a spirit come back to find peace after death and they did it right by avoiding it being a totally annoying spirit. Well, there are gradients for that since I'm sure there are plenty that consider the cute but not cloyingly cute kid character to be very annoying. Their efforts to help young Akari find her peace after all this time lead them to her father, who wanted so very little to do with it all as he's trying to put all that time behind him. Yet Maya can't let it go because she wants to bring this to closure so she and the others go back to Akari's father to try and understand what it is that happened.

The sad story he finally does tell is sad, and it has an impact on them, while giving some clue about what to do. The impact of his tale does have an effect on them since they realize what a sad tale it is and how he's been blaming himself the entire time for what's happened. This sad material is thankfully balanced by Abe's awkward situation playing out at the same time where he's out on something of a date with Mikaze and is getting ever closer to feeling like she's truly a girlfriend, enough so that he's thinking he may get a kiss or a little hands on action. Naturally, a little something comes along to mess it up and he's caught in a bit of a triangle and ends up using the need to see the principal as a way of getting out of it. But that sets Mikaze to a stern look hinting once again that her role is not quite as clear cut as it has seemed.

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