Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Part 2 Blu-ray Review

Watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood in its second collection is definitely proving to be an interesting challenge now that watching the simulcast is done and over with. With this phase of the series, we're seeing more of the layers to it revealed and it's very easy to leap ahead with where these little subplots that are introduced end up going. And this series, while complex yet simple, has a lot going on in it and a good deal of it is fairly obvious, but they introduce things early on that you get surprised that they're as overt about it as they are. But it's done that way simply to get to the crux of the story in a more interesting way. Having Bradley talk easily about who he really is with people like Mustang at this stage and having it still kept a relative secret has you asking more about who knows what, rather than what it is that they know.

The thirteen episodes here run across a few different areas but one of the main themes about it is the coming together of key players really starting to understand that there is a significant threat at hand, and it may not be what they thought it was. While up until this point you essentially had just Ed and Al getting a handle on the reality of homunculi running around, especially after the things they saw in the 5th Laboratory, here we're seeing more people coming to grips with it. The most amusing is with Mustang as he has a sort of back and forth practically with himself over it, but there's a sequence that involves Ed and Al trying to draw out Scar and they end up getting Gluttony as well. And that has Hawkeye putting in a ton of bullets into him with no real effect, as well as an eventual scene where Ling cuts him up well and he rebuilds himself. With more people seeing the homunculi running around, the more it cements in reality.

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