Naruto: Shippuden - Season 4 - Episode 160 - Review: "The Mystery of Pain"

In watching this show in split form, seeing the episodes in the thirties for the first time now while watching the newest ones, it at least confirms to me that Danzo is indeed one of the bad guys of the series no matter what his real motivations truly are. With the village under attack by the Akatsuki, he's got his loyal followers hidden about down below as they wait for events to play out above. He's simply convinced that this is the end of Tsunade's time as the Hokage and he intends to let that period wash away, even at the expense of some of its citizens as he knows that she'll stop the attack in the end. His main concern is grabbing power and making sure Naruto isn't taken by the Akatsuki.

There's a lot going on with this episode though it's keeping to relatively low key moments overall. A good deal of it is given over to the fighting going on in the village as the Akatsuki leap to and fro with various beasts under their command that they've summoned. The destruction continues to spread and it's pretty sizeable overall, the first really strong impact on the village that I'm aware of as well. That said, everyone is keeping their cool for the most part and fighting against the ones they come across, though they tend to not have much success on an individual level. The action does play out well and because it has that calm and cool factor to it, it's got a nice seriousness that some past fights have lacked earlier in the series in general, though the Shippuden series has managed to stay in this mode most of the time when it's really necessary.

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