Durarara - Season 1 - Episode 10 - Review: "The First and Probably the Last"

One of the more beautiful moments of this series happened in the previous episode where the coincidences of life turn up. That coincidence was when Celty, idly chatting with Shizuo about things, has her head literally walk in front of her while poised on top of someone else's body. Her reaction was priceless as she recognized what it was in a shocking instant and then began to give chase to get it back since it is what she's been searching for. Unfortunately for Celty, she lost track of her when her head ran into Ryuugamine in the street and he helped her escape from the Headless Black Rider.

Having escaped from Celty, Ryuugamine now finds himself in an unusual position. He's got this girl back home with him but she's completely passed out from everything and sound asleep. He tips Kida to the situation, who is definitely interested in her, but they end up putting off the issue for awhile since they have to go to school. It's interesting how that plays out there as Kida can't help but talk but it doesn't balloon into a big or strange situation when Ryuugamine is confronted about it by others. It's just something that happens that the other boys consider to be a good thing for Ryuugamine. Much of the first half feels kind of pointless though as Ryuugamine goes through the routine at school and has some odd conversations with other classmates, either about the Dollars or with Sonohara whom he likes.

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