30 Rock "St. Valentine's Day" (Episode 311)

Elsewhere, "St. Valentine's Day" featured a funny, Taming of the Shrew-esque storyline with Kenneth and Tracy, whose bizarre friendship continues to unfold in new and hilarious ways. Kenneth is left tongue-tied by a red-haired blind beauty, someone he calls the "sweetest, prettiest, blindest girl" he's ever met. So Tracy ably stands in as his voice, spouting off one lame catch phrase after another ("darn tootin'," anyone?) But, alas, the girl picks up on their game by astutely asking Kenneth, "Why do you suddenly sound white?" Kenneth, much like Liz, Jack and, well, everyone else on the show, is no stranger to rejection. Poor little bumpkin.

There's no possible way to mention every funny joke or one-liner in the past two episodes. The show is just too lightning-quick for that. But, for now, let's just bask in the glow of a series whose lights have been turned back on. While I sometimes worry about the excessive amount of guest stars, that's only a problem when they don't work. (I'm looking at you, Steve Martin and Jennifer Aniston.) Here's hoping Liz and Jack's new relationships pan out, even though we know they're totally not going to.



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