Naruto Shippuuden - Season 4 - Episode 157 - Review: "Assault On The Leaf Village"

Shikamaru and the others wait for the information Jiraiya brought back to be analyzed. The Hidden Leaf ninja continue their data analysis, when disaster strikes the village. The guards outside don't have a chance and no one inside the village is warned.

Meanwhile, Naruto realizes that having to be still to enter Sage mode makes it pretty much useless, unless he has help. Anyway, Pain devises two teams, one to make a mess, made of Shurado, Chikushodo and Gakido, and another one to search for Naruto in the shadows, made of Tendo, Ningendo, Jigokudo and Konan.

Chikushodo, the summoner, enters alone from the air. This way they don't know where she's landing exactly and she can summon the others afterwards, surprising Konoha with their numbers. They quickly begin their attack. It seems Ningendo's abilities aren't just taijutsu, he can read minds and kill people by removing their "soul". Everyone begins understanding the situation and preparing for it. They confirm it's Akatsuki and Tsunade is already expecting it to be Pain, she orders for Naruto to be called.

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