Baka and Test Summon the Beasts - Season 1 - Episode 3/4 - Review: "Episodes 3/4"

So, what does one do after one's life lies around them in tatters? Apparently, one goes to the movies. And that is where Akihisa finds himself with Himeji and Minami in tow. They want to see a film, and of course, be treated by Akihisa. Normally, any hot-blooded adolescent male would be in seventh heaven at the prospect of going out to the movies with not one but two girls, both of whom are on the attractive side of the attractive/not-so-much dividing line, but all Yoshii can think about is how much this outing will cost him.

But then the next day comes and we see that Yoshii was not being unfeeling and miserly. After all, can you really blame the guy when you see that his entire food budget was blown on that one trip to the movies, and now all he has to live on is a single cup of instant ramen? I cannot imagine living on just ramen for many years, though there are some strange people out there who think it might be worth it in order to pursue a worthless quest for knowledge and underemployment.

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