Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood - Season 1 - Episode 44 - Review: "Full Throttle"

Hohenheim and Al don't have much to say to each other at first, and Hohenheim gets pulled away to help with the rebuilding effort. Al decides to help as well, and in the meantime, Rose sets up a bath for Winry. Rose also brings up how Winry helped her out indirectly by making Ed's automail, and she recounts how Ed had aided her and the town. Meanwhile, over in Central, the Chimera Bido is lost underground, and he stumbles upon the underground army right before Olivier and the other officer get there. The officer explains that these soldiers will have souls put into them and will be an immortal bunch, with those souls coming from battlefields. This is all Bido hears before he flees the area, but he then runs into Greed. Back in Lior, Al reveals what he knows about the underground tunnel to Hohenheim, and he also mentions the existence of Father. In response, Hohenheim brings up the possibility that he personally is on the Homunculus side, but he's also grateful that Al trusts him. He decides to tell Al everything, though he wishes that Ed were there too to hear it.

At that moment, Kimblee's two other Chimera are in a northern town and withdraw some money from Ed's bank account to pay for medical treatment. When they are found by the military, Ed joins the fight, and the group escapes by car with a little help from Ed's alchemy. The problem is that Ed doesn't know what's going on with Al and Winry, and he tries to figure out where his brother would have gone. By now, Hohenheim has finished telling his story to Al, and Al believes him and wonders what it's like not to die. Hohenheim explains that it's useful, but he doesn't like seeing loved ones pass away before him. The two also talk about Father, and Al shows Hohenheim the research that they've deciphered. Hohenheim in turn warns against trying to destroy the underground tunnel because Pride is down there, and he's not in a hurry because he knows that it's not a certain day yet. Back in Central, Bido tries to remind Greed of who he is, but Greed just kills him because he was associated with the previous Greed. After doing this however, Greed gets flashbacks of his Dublith gang, and, inside of himself, Ling confronts Greed for attacking old friends. Ling believes that friends are connected by their souls, and Greed has thus tossed away his own soul's family. This throws Greed into a state of turmoil, and sometime later, he arrives at King Bradley's house and attacks the Homunculus in front of his family.

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