Occult Academy - Season 1 - Episode 11 - Review: "Ep 11"

Mikaze has been an interesting character in the series since her introduction as there's obviously something more to her, but it hasn't been really clear. With this episode, Mikaze makes herself much more in the open as she takes Abe to see something which turns out to be a neighborhood watch of sorts except all the people wear cloaks and hoods while considering that the Academy is a true place of evil in the world. And Maya, being the principal, is the primary witch that must be eliminated. So Mikaze tries to convert Abe to her side with a whole lot of sluttiness and one really deep, wet French kiss that weakens just about every bone in him except one. And to top it all off, the date that Mikaze talks about is the key one for the end of the world that he and Maya are trying to avert.

Mikaze has done a surprisingly good job in embedding some programming into Abe as there are times when he looks at Maya now and he sees Mikaze's face or hears her voice intoning that they must kill her. And it comes at a time when Maya is trying to pick up Abe's spirits as an avenue they investigated was yet another dead in. So while she's being friendly and fairly affectionate, he's panicking and starting to fear her as the programming really kicks in, which gives them the idea that Maya herself may be the Key to everything. Which then makes you wonder that he's never taken a picture of her until now. At least with the device, it gives them something to focus on in trying to figure out if she's really the Key or not.

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