Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan - Season 1 - Episode 10 - Review: "Eating the Fruit from Beyond the..."

Considering the way the series has been working so far with a number of fairly serious episodes dealing with Rikuo's position and those trying to take him down, it's little surprise that we're getting a fluffy episode to relax with after all that's happened. Ending the previous episode with Rikuo making it clear that he's taking on the role of the Third Heir seriously and will be pursuing it worked well, especially as he made it clear to Gyuki through both of his selves that he has what it takes to do it. With all of that weighty material done and over with, there's a lot of things for Rikuo to deal with, but there needs to be a bit of lightening of the mood first while still building up the mythos a bit. Enter, the Purple Mirror.

The mirror device is pretty simple in that it's something that shows nasty evil things to people, but it's become so corrupted by what it's shown over the years that it's essentially become that itself. There are some ties to the past as we see one of Rikuo's friends, Kana, having been accosted by a yokai in her childhood and it's now come to revisit her again in the present, causing her to seriously freak out when it manipulates things around her. It's an amusing contrast to see her panicking and freaking out over all of it while Nura and his friends are hanging out on the rooftop with the sun setting and having fun. Kana's time in the school with the cool colors and darkened rooms makes her scenes feel a bit stronger because of it, though since she's been a minor character it doesn't exactly resonate hugely.

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