Bleach - Season 14 - Episode 262 - Review: "Haineko Cries! The Tragic Sword Beast"

On the hunt for some Sword Beasts, Haineko finds a male one in a field of flowers, but instead of killing him, she falls in love with him. Since he shows no hostility towards her, she ends up hiding the Sword Beast, named Narunosuke, and doesn't tell Rangiku about it. Haineko subsequently makes several visits to take care of Narunosuke, and she even inquires on his behalf about being accepted as a regular Zanpakutou. Still unaware of what's going on, Rangiku thinks that the latter is impossible and warns Haineko that Sword Beasts can go berserk at any time. Haineko doesn't pay this any heed at first and continues to take care of Narunosuke, but she becomes worried when he goes through spells of sudden mental anguish. Rangiku eventually becomes suspicious of Haineko and discovers Narunosuke after following her. Haineko tries to protect Narunosuke, but he loses control of himself and attacks both her and Rangiku. After Rangiku gets hurt protecting her, Haineko decides to use her own powers to kill Narunosuke, and before he disappears, he returns to normal long enough to thank her.

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