30 Rock Review: "The One With the Cast from Night Court" (Episode 303)

The past two episodes of 30 Rock represent what happens when the show perfectly integrates a big-name guest star and also when it doesn't quite work. The show's no stranger to big names, having had Oprah, Jerry Seinfeld and Will Arnett in the past. The star wattage has never been distracting, either, and almost always advances the plot in an amusing fashion.

But it didn't really seem like the show knew what to do with media magnet Jennifer Aniston in "The One with the Cast from Night Court," a cleverly-titled ode to her days on Friends. Aniston played Claire Harper, a friend of Liz and Jenna's from their Chicago days. Let's just say she's a bit of freak. Claire snares Jack in her web of lies with an awkward rendition of "Happy Birthday" at a benefit dinner, and the poor guy simply cannot say no to her from then on.

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