Cobra: The Animation - Season 1 - Episode 11 - Review: "The 13th Man"

Cobra's multi-episode story rolls right along as the group that Cobra is now part of must break out the guy they need from a slave prison / mansion in order to carry out their mission. The setup in the last episode was fairly decent, if a little drawn out at times, but it laid out for a fun story if it carries out the promise of it with a bit more tighter writing than we've seen in the past. That episode ended with the remaining members of the group taking different approaches to getting into the place so they can rescue the remaining member, King.

While we do get to see some of the others a little bit in their approach, the bulk of the focus is on Cobra himself and his somewhat direct approach. Working with Seven/Eight, he causes a small distraction to get into the cell block where King is supposedly being held. The problem of course is that nobody knows what King looks like so they can easily be taken advantage of in freeing the wrong person. What helps, and it was a given that it would be this, is that there's a very sultry and scantily clad young woman there named Ellis who insists that Cobra is not with King even though he's looking for him and that King would never leave without her. His bit of questioning ends up going a bit awry though as he ends up having to take up residence in one of the cells to avoid capture but that throws him into their clutches even more.

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