Naruto Shippuuden - Season 4 - Episode 147 - Review: ''Rogue Ninja's Past"

Naruto, Sai, and Yamato arrive to save Hotaru and Utakata from the attacking ninja who they discover are ANBU from the Hidden Mist Village. Naruto ask the Hidden Mist ninja to give Hotaru back, but they refuse. So Naruto, Sai and Yamato decide to take her back by force. Sai uses his art jutsu to trap them and Naruto gets his attack ready, but one of Hidden Mist ninja releases "Kirisame", which affects them using their chakra. Finally Yamato understand their purpose is Utakata.

Yamato attempts to negotiate alone with the head of the Mist ANBU, Tsurugi, and after their discussion, Tsurugi talks to Utakata alone. Tsurugi attempts to convince Utakata to return to the Hidden Mist Village but he absolutely refuses and remembers the horrible pain he suffered at the hands of his former master.

The Hidden Leaf and ANBU come to an agreement that Utakata will remain with Team 7 until Hotaru is safe and their mission is complete. After walking away Hotaru falls down. Naruto went for plants to treat her injuries and later discovered that the pain that was hurting her was her clan's forbidden jutsu engraved in her back.

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