Strawberry - Season 1 - Episode 10 - Review: "Private Lessons "

Valentine's Day played out rather well in the previous episode where it didn't devolve into big moments of romance or a gaggle of girls getting all competitive in person. A lot of it was one on one time with Manaka in different ways with Manaka really coming to understand that a lot of the problems he's facing is his inability to make a choice. Everyone is appealing to him in different ways, so it's certainly a difficult choice, but his gut continues to pull him towards Tojo which is what's making it even more difficult. She's interested in him but he's not truly sure she is, though he hopes so. So with White Day around the corner, Manaka finds himself in the awkward position of having to pick out a couple of gifts with Yui helping, but that ends up revealing what really happened during Valentine's Day with where the mystery box of chocolates came from.

That confusion and encounter with Nishino doesn't help Manaka much as it just tells him that he really hasn't grown up or changed at all since he got to know Nishino. It hurts him but he still finds himself on the same path, such as when he gives his present to Kitaoji and Tojo. He's nervous in giving it to Tojo, which is cute, but he's really disaffected in how he gives them to Kitaoji, pretty much as though he doesn't want to and didn't put any thought into it. With the truth out about Kitaoji's chocolates, she's even more blunt about being affectionate with him and trying to win him over by force, but it seems to only make him feel worse in a way. He seems to be having a harder and harder time dealing with Kitaoji, but she takes every little bit she gets and holds onto it tightly. Her interest in him continues to be the one that feels off in the series, but love hits us all differently.

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