Ichiban Ushiro No Daimo - Season 1 - Episode 2 - Review: "Episode 2"

The opening to this series was a lot more fun than I expected as it had a flavor reminiscent of Kyo Kara Maoh in a way as we're introduced to a lead character who discovers he'll be the Demon Lord someday. That has turned his entire schooling career into a tailspin as he wanted to be a Grand Priest, something that curried him favor with one of the best students at the school, Junko. With pretty much the whole school against him and now a small group of women showing up that have a vested interest in him, Akuto's even more uncertain about his footing in life.

To his surprise, the happy go lucky school principal is intent on making sure that he'll be fine at the school as he's ensured that he'll have regular protection from any issues with some government reassurances. That protection comes in the form of the "artificial human" named Korone, a deadpan speaking young woman who watches over him, going so far as to sleep in his bed with him at first. Her nature as a protector works well but she's also fun to watch because of the way she seems so blasé about things, even when she's tormenting him a little. Korone's placement allows Akuto to have at least one cute girl with him at all times, even when he's hanging out in the bathroom.

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