Heroman - Season 1 - Episode 7 - Review: "Resistance"

The sphere's continue to roll across the lands and the citizens are getting more and more frustrated over losing their houses - when aliens are invading. The government is getting closer to a solution though as the President has come close to deciding on using nuclear weapons in a remote area that the sphere in the US will be going through, but the sudden visit by Doctor Manami from Generas Industries slows him up some as that company is very big into military grade weapons development programs and may have something that will help in this situation. Hopefully.

On the Skrugg front, Nick and Will have been reprocessed again but there are definitely some issues to be had with it. Kogorr and his staff contemplate the difficulty they're having in controlling Earthlings because of their varied and strong emotions which leads to some unstable warriors. Nick is very easily controlled by the program since he lacked power and wanted it while Will is fighting against it. His latest programming attempt has him remembering his past with friends, his football time and more. The whole process is proving very difficult for him and he's resisting it fairly well. There's even a moment where Kogorr asks both of them their status and Nick is completely in love with everything Skrugg while Will just looks on at him like he's over the top and slightly deranged.

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