Durarara - Season 1 - Episode 13 - Review: "A Sudden Turn"

When a show jumps forward any amount of time from where it left off, it doesn't always pick up well at first since there may be some significant changes to the landscape. Durarara has been filled with interesting and varied characters from the start with plots that wrap and intertwine with each other. Moving everything ahead like this, especially after such a big event which changed the landscape due to Celty being more up front about her presence, making the jump forward could end up being a bad thing since that interconnected nature is lost for that duration. We don't see the connections that may be there and believing that there were none after all we just saw is hard to believe.

The main visible change to the series is that there's a new threat out there that's causing a lot of disturbance. While Celty has earned herself a reputation and she's more known now, even to the point where the police have confronted her in an effort to make sure they don't get bloodied up like you see in movies in order to show Celty's strength, she's fairly benign overall. The threat that's out there that's causing a lot of attacks is a mysterious Slasher. Several victims have been found so far with no connection between any of them to give hint as to why they're killing people or how the choices are made. This comes at the same time that an older gang is resurfacing, the Yellow Scarves, as they're not happy with the fame that the Dollars have gained since their own disappearance some time ago. The streets are becoming less safe on several fronts and it's all the buzz out there.

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