One Piece - Season 10 - Episode 442 - Review: "Ace's Convoy Begins"

I'm seriously developing a love/hate relationship with this show and a lot of that is stemming from the parallel viewing with the earlier episodes which are new to me. This episode is a frustrating one as it moves the Impel Down storyline forward in a way that I expected once Luffy reached Level 6. With all his effort to find Ace, it could really only play out in two ways once he got down there to where he is. Either it would turn into a massive fight of epic proportions with Magellan and the various guards that would involve other prisoners or' Ace would already be gone. Now, while I'm fully believing that the series creator has a big plan going on here with One Piece overall, I also believe he's a master at drawing out a storyline for dramatic effect but also to tease and torment the fans.

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