Strawberry 100% OVA 1 Review

Way back when I was first getting into non-kiddified anime, the romantic comedy shows were definitely few and far between. But when they were available, they tended to be a lot more interesting because they weren't the norm at the time and it was all brand new. There's still a huge fondness for the genre that I was introduced to with Kimagure Orange Road and Strawberry 100% has a lot of familiar echoes of it. This first OVA, which follows that far too short TV series, and it gets things going pretty fast by having Manaka and Tojo stuck in a cabin in the mountains in the midst of a storm, completely wet. Which means it's time to get warm and dry the only way a young man can think of. Of course, Manaka just can't handle it, not that I blame him, as Tojo is down to just her underwear for a bit.

Segments like this are fun, especially for the two characters that are essentially intended to be together from the start, as it allows them some quiet time together where they can talk a little more freely. There's more honesty and emotion between the two, with swirling music, and it's the kind of material that while predictable, really does a nice job of bringing two innocent kids closer together in a way that they wouldn't otherwise. Both of them are entirely likable to be certain, and as much as Manaka is an indecisive teenager, he's a good guy who wants to do the right thing. Though you can tell he'd just take Tojo if he could - or if he even knew how to do it right. Naturally, a situation like that is not going to last long and it's going to end awkwardly.

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