Naruto Shippuuden - Season 4 - Episode 156 - Review: "Surpassing The Master"

Naruto continues his Sage training at Mt. Myoboku, but with very slow progress. Fukasaku runs out of patience and suggests they move on to the next training. Eventually, Naruto manages to turn into Sage Mode without using the frog oil.

He's trained to master the "Frog Kumite", a Sage type of sparring technique. Naruto succeeds in mastering his Sage Mode, taking it farther than even Jiraiya could. Things aren't looking so great for Konoha, however, as Pain prepares to make his move.

Sasuke and his team find out that Jay has been following him and so they kill him. Jay's partner reports this to the Fourth Raikage which he decides to send in a platoon to rescue Killer Bee, and also calls up on Samui's group composed of Samui (blonde girl), Karui (red-haired girl) and Omoi (white-haired guy) to go to Konoha to send a message. Raikage wants to hold a meeting among the 5 Kages. As the cloud ninja infiltrate the hideout, Sasuke and the others are already gone, and all that is left is Jay's body. Naruto then starts to practice more Sage techniques.

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