Hanamaru Kindergarten - Season 1 - Episode 10 - Review: "A Hanamaru Cheering Squad"

The world of Hanamaru continues to be a fun place as we have a bit of a sports day event going on this time around at the kindergarten. Sports days and other related activities are pretty common in anime settings and they're done a fair bit at American schools as well, or at least they were when I was a kid. Watching this story you know not to expect the same kind of stories that you normally get with a middle school or high school setting and that means it's entirely much cuter and without any bounce at all when it comes to the students themselves. Their efforts are even more earnest at this age and watching them try is just priceless.

The focus on the first half with the sports day is almost entirely on Koume which is really nice since she's even more earnest than the other kids in her own way. Koume's main event for the day is participating in the foot race but she's quite concerned about it because she knows she's as slow as she is. What makes it even more daunting is that her older brother Tomoyuki is going to come to the event to watch her. He's a doting older brother and she so wants to make him happy that she does extra training so she can do her best come the actual events. There are some cute things during the event overall that come up which makes it fun to watch even if it is fluff. I also liked the way the parents dealt with how the kids did in the race and the kind of encouragement they get at that age. Koume is definitely a winner.

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