30 Rock review. Episode 3.02â??"Believe in the Stars"

30 Rock's second episode of the new season, "Believe in the Stars," was a perfect example of why it's one of the best shows on TV. If the premiere was a bit awkward and tentative, its follow-up was anything but. Its madcap humor tirelessly delivered one joke after another at a lightning fast speed, adding up to one of the funniest episodes in the series.

"Believe in the Stars" (AKA: The Oprah Episode) saw each character entrenched in some sort of moral dilemma. Tracy and Jenna are at each other's throats over Tracy's stubborn refusal to compensate for her voice acting contributions to his video game. The dispute turns into a battle-of-the-sexes debate over who has it tougher in America: black men or white women. "It's still illegal to be black in Arizona," Tracy claims. "It's hard to be a beautiful woman," Jenna whines. "Everyone assumes I don't try in bed. It's discrimination!"

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